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"This elegant d’Orsay pump creates a flattering line on your foot coupled with the sleek pointed toe. Offered here is a beautiful shade of olive green."
- Alexander White

Heel Height - 105mm
Upper Material - Suede
Collection - A/W 2015
Reference - N/A
Retail Price - £360

I have paired these Alexander White 'Catherine' olive suede pumps with a off-the-shoulder sand cotton-twill dress by Monse, a black asymmetric patent leather bow wrap belt by Dries Van Noten, and the 'Lou 2.0' olive suede shoulder bag by Gvyn. The retail price for these high heels were £360 GBP.

These d’Orsay pumps are stunning, and I love the olive green colour in soft suede. I could have styled these shoes with various outfits, but I chose a Parisian chic style in mind. I came across this beautiful off-the-shoulder cotton twill dress by Monse (Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia). I love the shape of the dress, and the wind flap details.

I chose a black asymmetric patent leather bow wrap belt by Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten. I love this belt and black is my favourite colour, so I love to see it on a women (I could style everything with a black dress!), In my opinion the asymmetric shape and bow of the belt suits the style of the dress, and adds that Carrie Bradshaw, city vibe.

I wanted to match the bag with the beautifully designed Alexander White pumps, in elegance and colour. I found this feminine matching olive suede shoulder bag called the 'Lou 2.0' created by German-born designer Ulrike Seeber (Gvyn). The sand colour of the dress compliments the olive green pumps and shoulder bag.

I could easily imagine a graceful and elegant city-based woman wearing this outfit, whilst feeling comfortable and confident in the 105mm high slim heel.

Monse off-the-shoulder sand cotton-twill dress - £1,370

Dries Van Noten black asymmetric patent leather bow wrap belt - £220

Gvyn 'Lou 2.0' olive suede shoulder bag - £200

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